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Biowest USA The Serum Specialist providing the highest caliber of excellence and experience in the collection of serum. We understand the importance of consistency and quality therefore we operate our biomanufacturing facilities according to our ISO 9001 – certified quality management system so that you can trust the product you receive will meet your expectations.



  • Computer controlled & monitored thawing process
  • Process is trended and a trend is attached to batch record



  • ISO class 7 filtration suite
  • Yearly re-certification of clean room
  • All single use technology
  • No cross contaminationpossibility between lots
  • No risk of cleaning solution residue in product.


  • ISO class 5 enviornment
  • Yearly re-certification of clean room
  • Custom automated fill machine contained under ISO class 5 hood
  • Up to 800 bottles X 500ml fill per hour
  • Every bottle weighed for accuracy of fill volume
  • Caps are automatically torqued to 28 in-lbs.



  • ISO class 7 Collection
  • Yearly re-certification of clean room
  • Multiple labeling options depending on customers needs
  • 4000 bottles of finished frozen serum is in a dedicated blast freezer within 8 hours
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ISO 13485 Certified

ISO 9001 Certified

Traceability from raw material to finished product.

Complete traceability of all components used in manufacturing

Full 9CFR COA offered

COA and testing needs can be customized to customers’ requirements


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