Biowest is an animal serum manufacturer with a special focus on fetal bovine serum. At our serum company, we pride ourselves in working with a strong commitment to quality, reproducibility, traceability, and service. Our success in the field is founded on a combination of competitive pricing and sourcing from a wide variety of geographical origins. Because of this, we guarantee a vertically integrated system of production and documentation.

Using specialized equipment, detailed SOPs, and audits, we ensure quality control at every stage, along with low intra-lot variation. We also ensure pure efficiency and have a firm commitment to addressing special requirements. With the widest range of products on the market, Biowest is the ideal partner for both researchers and biopharmaceutical companies.

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Biowest's market success is founded on a combination of competitive prices and a wide range of geographical origins, along with scrupulous attention to accountability and traceability and a fully vertically integrated end-to-end service in which the entire sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, and documentation process is owned in-house.

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